Hot Tub Support Guides

Becoming a new spa owner can be intimidating however, we are here to help you every step of the way. Below we have created guides to help you spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about maintaining your spa.


 @ease In-Line 200 Gallon System Guide

 @ease In-Line 300 Gallon System Guide

 @ease In-Line 400 Gallon System Guide

 @ease In-Line 500 Gallon System Guide

   @ease Floater 200 Gallon Guide

  @ease Floater 300 Gallon Guide

 @ease Floater 400 Gallon Guide

 @ease Floater 500 Gallon Guide

Hot  Spring Guides

Hot Spring Hot Spot Owners Manual 2022

 Hot Spring Limelight Owners Manual 2022

 Hot Spring Highlife Owners Manual 2022

 Freshwater Salt System Startup Guide

 Hot Spring Hot Spot Pre Delivery Guide

 Hot Spring Limelight Pre Delivery Guide

 Hot Spring Highlife Pre Delivery Guide

Platinum Spa Guides

 Platinum Spa Owners Manual

 Platinum Spa Topside Control (TP800, Arizona, Monaco, Marseille, Santorni, and Maximus)

 Platinum Spa Topside Control (Spatouch 2, Toyko, Barcelona, Infinity)

Thermal Spa Guides

 Topside control for Emerald

 Topside control for Hydro, Ocean, Sapphire, Mercury, Venus, Neptune

Garden Leisure Spas

Garden Leisure Spa Owners Manual

 Quick Reference Card for GL863L, GL863B, GL753L and GL753L

 Quick Reference Card for GL635 and GL525